Engagement Portraits at the Colorado Railroad Museum

Although I do have experience and training in it, I'm not necessarily a portrait photographer. I will do them for family and friends, but otherwise I'm just not sure I have the personality needed to be a client pleasing portrait photographer with people I don't know very well.  

This is an engagement session that I did with a good friend of mine that I've known since High School, and her fiance. We had a great time doing this shoot, and I really love how these turned out.  These were my first formal portraits that I shot using my newish Fuji outfit.  

We took these at the Colorado Railroad Museum who were very gracious hosts and we really appreciated the hospitality.

Starting Over

I've been sort of idle with photography for the past year or so mostly due to having a kid, being busy with my career, etc.  Overall I've decided that I need to make it easier to take new photos, lower my costs on gear (it's hard to recoup the cost given my usual subject matter and lack of time to do commercial work), and explore new avenues.  At the same time I also decided to redo my website yet again, and also start my blog again from scratch.

That said, I recently traded and sold some gear to purchase a Fujifilm X-E1 which arrived today and I like it quite a bit so far.  I love the size of the XF system as I've really grown tired of the effort it takes to lug around a full-size DSLR as well as the attention I receive when I do.  If all goes well with this new camera, I plan on ditching all of my Canon gear and moving to this format instead.  I'm tired of rewarding Canon for essentially no innovation, and am excited about all of stuff that Fujifilm has going on right now.

My only complaint about the X-E1 is that the auto-focusing kind of sucks.  It's going to be hard to take photos of my kiddo when she's on the move, but I suspect they will fix that in the future with a newer version of this camera.

I have a couple of photo opportunities planned that I'll post later once I've completed them, but until then, here are a few initial test shots I took today with the new camera.